Clear and attractive menu
With detail and pictures for each dish and each drink, to better publicize your know-how and your products.

Easy, efficiency, effective
Designed to improve communication with your customers, this inedit system will also save you time with a simple and powerful management of your menus

Optimize the relationship with your foreign customers, for more interest, less hesitation with an automatically translated system and / or with real translations of your menu.

Much more than a menu
The system includes your menu and also has the functions of a showcase site, it is accessible with a simple internet connection

In the dining room or in their room: Your customers order themselves where with server, the orders are sent directly in kitchen...

Know about the stocks
Be informed immediately on the availability of your products avoiding a possible disappointment of your customers.

Give your customers the opportunity to make a reservation online.

design & customization
Special attention has been paid to the design of the i-RestO systems, modern, fun, you also benefit from the support of one of our designer for the best rendering

Technical help and support. Each package includes assistance permanent, we take care security updates
i-resto menu for restaurants


Detailed connected menu
Automatic translation 6 languages
Tablets and unlimited connections
Help and assistance 7/7
Same as MENU connected with the management option remote controls
FAQ 1 en

With what type of device?

The choice is varied: iPad, Tablet touch, iPhones, Smartphones, PC, MAC and Smart TV (TVs connected to internet)


Since all devices connected to wifi, whether indoor, terrace, in rooms for hotels and any other place, making it an accessible communication tool for all.

How many tablets?

The number of mobile tablets is unlimited

Custom design?

Yes, every i-RestO menu is made by a designer who adapts the visual of the menu by drawing inspiration from the graphic chart of the restaurant, or from the customer's request.

Menu without photos?

Yes, even if it is not recommended. In this case the sticker of the restaurant logo replaces the images of the dish.

FAQ 2 en

Ordering system

Yes, the i-RestO Menu "ordering system" offers the possibility for your customers to order independently or only by the restaurant staff. Orders are sent to all types of connected devices that have the authorization.

Who can order?

Orders can be taken from every table, every room. Secure access ensures that each order is related to a table, a room.

Menu products outstock?

the i-RestO "Ordering system" version includes the display of the number of products available. When ordering, it is not possible to order if there is a stock-out


Yes, the functions of a website are included in both versions i-RestO menu

Online booking ?

Yes, it is possible, with an internet connection to make the reservation online of a table